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Kim Deschamps, MSW, Coordinator at Knox-Warren Special Education and son Jack.
Alumna Spotlight

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Meet Kim Deschamps, career changer, single mom. "After studying anthropology, sociology, and dance, I took a new direction by joining Loyola's MSW program. I was a new mom, entering a new field—and tentative about what the future held for me.

Why Loyola? I was drawn to Loyola for its strong clinical focus. Once I started, I interned at a special education cooperative and found I had a real talent in school social work.

'I learned by doing.' I was offering direct therapy to children with emotional and behavioral problems. I couldn't have done it without the amazing support of my Loyola classmates. In class, we'd work through real scenarios and the difficult side of family relations. That experience was invaluable to my current work at Knox-Warren Special Education.

What's Next? I'm hoping to move into a more administrative role, as a director of special education."

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